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Company Profile

Aim of our company, which is founded in 2000, is working on all fields of informatics technologies. To perform our goal, we serve the most effective and economical solutions to needs of customers, after investigating all teoretical and practical possibilities of actual technologies.
            The services of our company include sale of computer and seperate OEM products, all kinds of technical service, treaty for periodical maintenance, web design and hosting services.
            One of our services is guiding the customers to the most effective solutions for their needs. ESE COMPUTER LTD.STI.  takes attention on the services after sales and gives the services of guarantees and maintenances free for all customers. Our interactive services will be ready soon to give our customers the possibility to check the all requests, like guarantees, failures on Internet.
            Additionally, our company works on Internet, which is the most important element of communication with web site design, e-mail or web hosting services. With our professional graphic designer and programmers, we are able to serve Internet solutions to the customers with all possible technologies, like asp, php, flash, html, etc. ( Solutions about e-trade, online-sale, call-centers may be also served in our company. ) The required hosting solutions may be also supplied in our company, with own resources.


Transfer project of innovative vocational Training approaches in Small and Micro Enterprises.Our company one of the parner on this project. (



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